This Just in: “All the New Years’ Eve parties worth going to are sold out.”

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Except one…

So while you were busy procrastinating on what to do for NYE and missed each and every hype train on the way to the hottest party spots in the country, we were busy preparing extra space for you at our 5-day New Year’s Jol, because we’re thoughtful like that.

Yes you read correctly, 5 days.

Mtentu Lodge is hosting 5 days of party to usher in 2015, all along South Africa’s paradise, the Wild Coast. During the 5 days we’ll be enjoying day & night parties with specific themes. There will be prizes for best dressed on each night as well as random free shots and bar vouchers.

Here is what the schedule looks like:


In-between parties you have access to all the facilities, including the waterfalls and canoes, because how many people get to tell an awesome NYE story which begins with “So there was this waterfall”?

So now you have the possibility of having the best New Year’s story on the block and being ‘that person’ who doesn’t shut up about the great 5-day New Year’s bash they went to, you’re welcome.

Now that you know what you are doing for New Year’s Eve, head over to our party page for details on pricing and accommodation.

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